Individualized program

One -on -one personal attention

Develop a specialized skill 

that can help many 

Potential to make over 100$ per hour

Cost for a one year program is only 5500$

For those interested send me an email explaining why  you are interested in developing your gift of intuition.

Coming Soon: Classes on Practical Intuition and Raspberry Witch Psychic Journals

An exclusive school for those interested in â€‹developing their gifts of Intuition.

As a veteran of the intuitive arts  I can teach you how to become a practicing clairvoyant .

One Year commitment required

Must be 18 years or older. 

( Those taking prescriptive meds for depression , using any thing that alters conciousness daily (street drugs ) or have a history of mental illness need not apply.)

Do you feel that you have untapped potential for seeing beyond the here and now?

Have you ever experienced  unusual telepathic or psychic events?

Are you committed to bring healing to others?

Do you feel connected to "The Crystal Children"?

​Perhaps you are a candidate for our school.

             The Raspberry Witch

              School for the Gifted.